What is missing in your business?

This, or some variant of this, is the first "question" I get from clients almost universally.

It might sound like "things are pretty great, but something is missing" or something along those lines.

And... where I find most people are challenged most nine times out of ten is a plan.

Not a business plan. Many business owners have a great business plan.

Not a marketing plan - while many could probably use help here, this isn't it.

It's the overarching "why" they are in business in the first place.

What moves them to get out of bed in the morning.

And no.

It is not money.

It's not about the money.

Though obviously, you start a business to make money, that is not or can not be the primary "why" - as it's largely empty.

So the next question that I would ask is something like this:

"If you had all the money that you could possibly use, what would you be using it for? What GOOD could you do with it?"

If the answer comes back about material things, then we have to roll up our sleeves, because the deeper "why" is necessary.

Material things seldom are enough. Sure, they are nice to have or want, but not enough to pull you out of bed in the morning when it's cold outside, dark, and there's 1,000 things seemingly on your "to-do list" and that list grows by the day.

You need a bigger vision.

So... when I start with clients, this is where we begin - with building the larger vision. It's not important for me, but for them.

I recently had a client come down for a 24 Hour Business transformation in Costa Rica - and his first order of business was this - defnining his larger vision.

What he wanted his life and business to look like.

Once that was clear, we could set about sorting out the details around his business. How his business would support that bigger vision.

And the really cool thing?

What he left with was radically different than what he thought he would leave with.

And was happy.

Happier than a clam!

If you feel that your life and business could use a total transformation, book a strategy session today by clicking here. We can sit down to see if this is a good fit for you and for me! I LOVE transforming lives and businesses - especially with that "why" crystal clear.

Then perhaps we can take 24 hours together to transform your life and business in Costa Rica!


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