What are you waiting for?

Inevitably, when I talk to someone, they are waiting for something.

Could be waiting for retirement.

For a certain amount of money in the bank account.

Until they have a car.

Until they have a website.

Until they have their logo.


Waiting for what exactly?

I recently did a FB live where I talked about putting things off. It wasn't really about procrastination, but in a lot of ways that is what this boils down to.

I can start getting customers once I have a website. I can start my website once I have a logo. Once I have that logo, I need copy. I need a CRM, business cards, letterhead. Whatever.

Yet, I know personally people who have started very successful businesses.

Without a logo.

Without a business card.

Without a website.

We are talking about a million dollar a year plus business without any of this junk that you have been told that you need.

What do you think it will take to make you happy?

Or even content?

Now I am talking about life.

I will be happy when I have the boat, the car, the watch, the balance in the bank account.

I will be happy when I am retired.

Stop waiting.

The time is NOW to get moving on your dreams.

If you have a business or are thinking about starting a business, take twenty (or so) minutes out of your day to watch my "How To Live Life Like A Rockstar Business Owner" webinar. Just click here to watch it now.

If you don't have 26 minutes or don't have a business, watch it anyway

Stop waiting. Start moving towards the life of your dreams.


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