Let's talk JOB security...

There was a time that I had a JOB. 

The idea was that it was safe, secure, and I knew that I had a paycheck coming.

Until I didn't.

You see, I have had jobs that started and ended. Jobs where layoffs were almost a given, with the economy.

And so on.

And eventually, I got into business.

And then business coaching.

And one of the recurring themes that I hear from folks who have jobs, or have had jobs is this notion of security.

The idea that every two weeks they will get paid.

And they will get the same or more, depending on how generous their boss or company is.

And I have always accepted this to be true - that a job holds more security than, say, a business. Where you don't always know.

Unless and until you do.

I heard someone talking about this in a different way last week - in what I describe as a personally empowering way.

That is, can you imagine being in a situation where ONE PERSON has complete say over your pay? Your job? Your living?

That's generally what a job is. With a job, you have a boss. 

That one person has control over you and your fate.

In business we have customers. Depending on the business, we may have ten or twenty customers, or hundreds or thousands of customers.

But - one thing remains true - in order for you to no longer get paid in business, you have to lose most or all of your customers in order not to have a paycheck. In other words, you need to be doing a relatively crap job.

And so, I arrive at this question - which would provide more security, in terms of income? 

One person or hundreds?

The fact is - in business, you are ultimately responsible for YOUR bottom line. 

If you are OK with personal accountability, then this is a good choice. If you prefer blaming others, the economy, the weather, or pretty much anything outside of you for your woes, then business probably isn't for you.

If you want to write your own paycheck, then it is.

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