Stacking Castles

Today I found something from Dan Kennedy who is a marketing genius and is currently in a hospice near death... causing a lot more "Dan content" to appear. If you have an interest in direct marketing and haven't read any of Dan's work, you need to do that.

Anyways... I stumbled on this quote today from him:

"That kind of thinking is exactly what’s wrong with the easy money for nothing hucksters out there. If you are running a business counting on a bunch of zombie customers paying you monthly, you’ve got a castle built upon sand.”

I feel that things have gotten out of hand in a lot of ways where people are being sold this fast money idea, and it is tantamount to tens of thousands of castles being built upon castles that are being built upon sand. All stacked one on top of the other.

You can understand why building a castle on sand is a bad idea.

You can also understand why building a castle on top of a castle built on sand is a bad idea.

And you might be wondering just what I mean about the castle on the castle on the sand.

That first castle is built by the mentor.

The second and third and fourth castles built on top of that castle in the sand are the followers of said mentor.

It's unsustainable.

It's unwise.

And it is surely going to come tumbling down.

But people are doing it. Because the "get rich quick" schemes sound good, even if we know better.

And you know how I know?

I have built a few castles on castles built on sand myself.

I have fallen for this line from the hucksters.

And I am not for any of that... in fact, I am not for any of that.

And even though you might be wondering about the "Quick" in Quick Wins, it's not about Quick cash. It's about small steps in the direction of a long term vision.

Quick cash generally never works out well.

I am a business guy, and I have made mistakes - more than a few, but today I put my foot down.

I am building something better.

Where words matter.

Where my castle is built on granite. And there's room for your castle right next door, but it might take a while to build.

One brick at a time.


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