Business Growth

Stacking Castles

Today I found something from Dan Kennedy who is a marketing genius and is currently in a hospice near death... causing a lot more "Dan content" to appear. If you have an interest in direct marketing and haven't read any of Dan's work, you need to do that.

Anyways... I stumbled on this quote today from him:

"That kind of thinking is exactly what’s wrong with the easy money for nothing hucksters out there. If you are running a business counting on a bunch of zombie custom…

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Let's talk JOB security...

There was a time that I had a JOB. 

The idea was that it was safe, secure, and I knew that I had a paycheck coming.

Until I didn't.

You see, I have had jobs that started and ended. Jobs where layoffs were almost a given, with the economy.

And so on.

And eventually, I got into business.

And then business coaching.

And one of the recurring themes that I hear from folks who have jobs, or have had jobs is this notion of security.

The idea that every two weeks they will get paid.

And they wi…

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What are you waiting for?

Inevitably, when I talk to someone, they are waiting for something.

Could be waiting for retirement.

For a certain amount of money in the bank account.

Until they have a car.

Until they have a website.

Until they have their logo.


Waiting for what exactly?

I recently did a FB live where I talked about putting things off. It wasn't really about procrastination, but in a lot of ways that is what this boils down to.

I can start getting customers once I have a website. I can start m…

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What is missing in your business?

This, or some variant of this, is the first "question" I get from clients almost universally.

It might sound like "things are pretty great, but something is missing" or something along those lines.

And... where I find most people are challenged most nine times out of ten is a plan.

Not a business plan. Many business owners have a great business plan.

Not a marketing plan - while many could probably use help here, this isn't it.

It's the overarching "why" they are in business in the first pl…

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