Personal Development

Take This Word Out Of Your Vocabulary

I read once that if you wanted to succeed, you should take out your dictionary and remove the word "can't" from the dictionary. And, of course, any variants thereof (like cannot).


Because the word is, in a sense, a lie.

Because I have seen people without legs cross the finish line of a marathon.

Because I have seen people fly.

Because there is no such thing.

I cannot is a lie - and for me it is a little like nails on a chalkboard to be honest when I hear the words from clients, friend…

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Stacking Castles

Today I found something from Dan Kennedy who is a marketing genius and is currently in a hospice near death... causing a lot more "Dan content" to appear. If you have an interest in direct marketing and haven't read any of Dan's work, you need to do that.

Anyways... I stumbled on this quote today from him:

"That kind of thinking is exactly what’s wrong with the easy money for nothing hucksters out there. If you are running a business counting on a bunch of zombie custom…

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