It was a dark and cold morning in Calgary, Alberta in January of 2008…

I pulled the duvet off and exposed myself to the chilly dry air, to eventually make my way out to my poor little VW Jetta diesel who did NOT like winter.

I prayed a little prayer hoping for that car to start, as it was my birthday – and I was hopping on a plane to visit Costa Rica for the first time.

After I started the car (yes it started this morning thankfully), I spent the next ten minutes removing all the snow that had fallen on my car overnight. This was no small feat, but I was not going to miss this opportunity for anything – I had yearned to visit Costa Rica, for reasons unknown even to me.

Getting to Costa Rica was easy… but there was a hitch. I had made plans with someone, who had promised to book the first night accommodation and we were going to travel the country together. Once on the flight, she announced unceremoniously to me that she was not going to be hanging out with me, and I was on my own.

Talk about a change in direction mid-air.

Then I realized – I didn’t have the foggiest idea where I was landing, or even where I was staying in Costa Rica (do NOT attempt this when visiting a foreign country, not advised).

The next seven days blew by.

And what I walked away from was not just a seven day vacation – it was a new life plan. I DECIDED that my new mission was to bring others to have a similar experience to me – unplugging from their life to reconnect with what is important.

What I figured out while visiting Costa Rica for the first time was that I had not been living my own dream – I was living someone else’s dream!

Now – the next part of my journey did not happen on the timeline that I “expected” but I made the leap eventually – leaving my bricks and mortar business behind in Canada to “run itself” in my absence, while laying the groundwork to coach others from Costa Rica.

I am not here to tell you that it was fast, or easy, but it wasn’t complicated or necessarily difficult either. It was a journey of its own, with some ups and some downs, but it landed me here.

Having this conversation with you.

And if I am to guess, you are ready for a change in your life.

And wondering what to do next.

You aren’t living your dream.

In fact, you haven’t really spent any time in your life getting your dream life clear… and you have no idea what to do next.

Here is my suggestion – use the button below to book my life-changing Dream Vision Clarity call and we will get on the phone for ninety minutes that will change the direction of your life forever.

I have made this decision super simple – there’s a guarantee so that you cannot lose… but waiting will cost you more than time, more than money – it may cost your your dream.

Don’t wait.